Murphy Moose (test flights completed) FOR SALE

New M-14P, 400 Hp engine with 3-blade prop

Engine has been test run on this aircraft!


Sale Pending

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Overview Cockpit Wings on
Fuselage complete ! 400 Hp Glass cockpit w/ backup pwr Wings On! Final finish underway
Cowl art Custom leather seats Ted Moose Canada  
Custom cowling nose art
by noted artist RT Foster
Custom leather seats Make your dream happen!

I have two other Moose--Need to make room in my hangar!

I purchased this Moose from a builder in 2010 who sold it for personal and business reasons. Since I have two other Moose in the hangar, I'm now finishing this Moose to make room for other projects. FAA/DAR inspection is scheduled for May with test flights complete by late May or early June (depending on weather and buyer interest).

Murphy Moose kit serial # 167. M14PF-XEDK, electric start, 400 Hp engine with 2.5 hours total time (prior to test flights this May June of course). Hartzell 3-blade offers approximately 20% more static thrust than the Russian V530 2-blade.

Want to discuss any other upgrades or features specific to your mission needs? Please call today (Ted: 303-378-4987) as we are in the final stages of assembly prior to DAR inspection!

Extensive upgrades as pictured below!

Aeroquip 701 teflon hoses Aeroquip 601/AE701 stainless braided engine hoses

Seat adjustment barsQuick drain oil fitting

Seat adjustment barsOil sump drain pump (after shutdown--helps to prevent hydrolock)

Seat adjustment barsCustom 5g oil tank built by Stef's Performance Products

Seat adjustment barsCustom cockpit-controlled side-engine cooling louvers

Seat adjustment barsCabin heat from custom oil cooler "tunnel"

Seat adjustment barsADC 600010-1 oil screen

Seat adjustment barsEngine mount by Kimball Enterprises

Seat adjustment barsCustom carburetor heat

Seat adjustment barsCustom CHT probes for each cylinder

Seat adjustment barsK&N air filter

Seat adjustment barsNew style Kimball Enterprises exhaust

Seat adjustment barsJasco 12V primary alternator/regulator

Seat adjustment barsB&C backup 12V alternator

Seat adjustment barsHartzell 3-blade prop & Hartzell governor

Seat adjustment barsAir Trac 8.50 x 6 main wheels

Seat adjustment barsApollo SL30 NAV/COMM & SL70 XPDR

Seat adjustment barsNACA air vent inlets

Seat adjustment barsUpgraded, custom CNC'd door hinges

Seat adjustment barsUpgraded, custom 4130 steel V-brace

Seat adjustment barsBackup artificial horizon

Seat adjustment barsDoor & window gas/air pistons

Seat adjustment bars4 Leather seats

Seat adjustment barsKydex complete interior with 1/8" insulation

Seat adjustment barsPilot & Copilot arm rests

Seat adjustment barsCustom baggage tie-down fixtures

Seat adjustment barsB&C recombinant, gas-sealed lead acid batteries

Seat adjustment barsCustom seat adjustment bars

Fly-InCustom seat rail stop-travel fixtures

Fly-InCustom aileron pulley covers

Fly-InCustom, taller control sticks

Fly-In4-place intercom

Fly-InClever, hide-a-way strut tie-down links

Fly-InPush-to-Talk on both control sticks

Fly-InGlass Sight gauges by Lube Devices

aileron bearingsNeedle bearings upgrade std delrin aileron bearings

flap bearingsFlap Custom CNC U-joint

hingesUpgraded rudder, elevator, h-stab brackets

stingerCustom stinger attach bracket

landing gearOne-piece custom Grove landing gear

Brake linesBrake lines protected inside Grove gear legs

GPS receiversTriple GPS receivers: max redundancy

brake pedalsDual brakes & Cessna-style pedals

V-braceCustom aluminum molded windshield retainer

Panel ventsCessna-style, aluminum panel air vents

Door handlesCustom interior door/window handles

Door pistonsCustom interior door/window handles

Fly-InInterior baggage door art by RT Foster

Fly-InUpgraded Rod-End bearings

Fly-InRudder balance cable

Fly-InUpgraded tailwheel stinger

Fly-InUpgraded flap pulley system

Items not shown:

Two-axis autopilot

All logs, parts, engine & aircraft assembly manual

Two Facet 40109 electric fuel pumps (in parallel; operate together or separate)

All mil-standard, tefzel insulated aviation wiring

Propeller blades both static and dynamic balanced

Blue Mountain Avionics; Updated EFIS data downloads available; Dynon may also offer rebates if equipment upgrade desired

Key-fob automatic door lock--unlock mechanism

Upgraded Heim F45-19 bearings throughout aileron linkage system

Balanced rudder (static)

Balanced elevator (static)

Electric Rudder trim

Pilot, CoPilot & both passenger shoulder harnesses

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Aircraft detail: Inventory sheet

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